Magnetics and Cryogenics Equipment

About AZ Scientific

AZ Scientific is a leading scientific equipment distributor/system integrator capable of providing complete pre and after sales support to its customers across India. AZ Scientific mainly deals in VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer) systems, Torque Magnetometer, Superconducting Magnet systems etc, Level instruments, Magnet Power Supplies, Cryogenics Components, Dewars, Auto-fill Systems, Current leads, Low Temperature Inserts etc.



MicroSense Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSMs) are the easiest to use and most sensitive vibrating sample magnetometers available. Whether you are measuring magnetic moment and coercivity of thin films or studying the magnetic properties of liquids, powders, or bulk samples, the MicroSense VSMs will give you the easiest and most accurate magnetic measurements.

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Magnets and Cryogenics equipment

American Magnetics Inc. (AMI) has become a world leader in supplying turn-key cryogen free and liquid helium based superconducting magnet systems with literally thousands of magnets in the field.

Their custom solutions range from completely conduction cooled multi-axis systems combined with an integrated variable temperature insert to large room temperature bore zero boil off helium recondensing systems (ReconTM). When their innovative superconducting magnets, such as their multi-axis (MAxesTM) series are coupled with cutting edge cryostats, the customer is buying a winning combination.

Magnetizing Technology

Magnet-Physik is a manufacturer of versatile equipment in the fields of magnetization, sensors, and measuring technology. They are the pioneers of Magnetizing technology for their Magnetizers.

· Magnetizers - Their magnetizers can be used for the smallest rotor of a wristwatch to a wind power generator.

· Magnetizing Fixtures - Their magnetizing fixtures are individually made to the customer’s specification or product.

· Handling systems - Their handling systems are used for partial automation of magnetization for manual workstations.

·Magnetizing - They calibrate, magnetize and demagnetize your rotors, generators, and many other magnet system.

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