Torque Magnetometer

  • MicroSense offers true torque magnetometers both as an option to the EZ Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) systems and as a standalone system (ET7, ET9 and ET11 systems) Benefits of Using the ET Torque Magnetometer:

    • Noise below 5 mdyncm with averaging
    • Highest magnetic field of >28 kOe (for the ET9, > 34 kOe with the ET11)
    • Easy switch between VSM and Torque option
    • Safe and reliable air-cooled magnet power supply
    • System can be used without water cooling for low field or medium duty cycle measurements
    • 3 systems in one with Torque Magnetometer, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer and Magneto Resistance options
    • Small footprint: 1 cabinet + measurement station
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