RTB Recon Magnet System

  • Based on heat load and size of the superconducting magnet either a dry conduction cooled or ReCon TM style geometry is recommended. ReCon TM style magnet systems use cooling power of a closed cycle 4K cryocooler to recondense gaseous helium back into the liquid Dewar. The evaporating gas is liquefied in a thermodynamically effective manner and the cryocooler is strategically located in the Dewar. The first stage of the cryocooler is used to cool the shields of the Dewar thereby eliminating the need for any liquid Nitrogen. ReConTM magnet systems offer combined benefits of traditional LHe systems with near zero helium boil-off. These style systems are ideally suited for retrofitting existing magnets and sample inserts into a re-engineered Dewar with a suitable gas handling system. Pulse tube cryocoolers are ideal for applications that desire lower vibrations.

    • ReCon TM solenoid systems available in vertical or horizontal geometries with fields up to 16T and wide bore sizes
    • ReCon Maxes TM systems are available with vector fi elds up to 6T
    • ReCon OptiMAxes TM systems are available in 2 or 3-axis geometries
    • ReCon TM split coil systems available in optical and non-optical confi gurations with fi elds up to 10T
    • ReCon TM systems with customized gas handling system is available with 1.5K/ He3 insert or with a dilution refrigerator
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