Radial Access RTB Magnet System

  • Radial access magnets are made of NbTi / Nb3- Sn with wide angular access for accessing the transmitted or refl ected beams. These systems are available for fi elds up to 10T with active shielding. An extension of these are our popular CF MAxes TM systems. These use combination of two or more split coils to produce 2-axis or 3-axis geometries. An OptiMAxes TM uses 3 conduction cooled split coils to provide optical access in two planes. CF MAxes TM magnets have also been produced for our OEM’s who have integrated them with Cryogen free dilution refrigerators.

    • Radial access cryogen free magnet systems available up to 10T
    • RTB MAxes systems available in 2 or 3-axis geometries
    • Actively shielded magnet systems available for spectroscopy applications including Mossbauer studies
    • Custom designs available for x-ray & neutron diffraction
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