Storage Dewar Magnet System

  • The simplest magnet system is one where a sample insert has a small 6T magnet bolted at the bottom. Such an insert would have an integral variable temperature insert with sample space of 25 mm. These inserts are very effective in performing transport studies on nano size specimens and can be a useful tool to demonstrate the Quantum Hall Effect for educational purposes or for prescreening samples before they are tested at facilities that are not easily accessible.

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Pulse Tube Based RT bore system

  • These style systems are available in wide range of bore sizes and fi elds up to 15T and are designed in both horizontal and vertical geometries. The thermal mass is cooled by a Gifford-McMahon or a pulse tube cryocooler depending on the individual application. Pulse tube based cryocooled systems are recommended for applications that might have concerns with vibrations, however they have higher initial costs but lower long term maintenance costs. In case of pulse tube configuration, it is possible to reduce vibration levels even further by adding bellows assembly and positioning motor remotely. Some of the most common applications include material processing, beam line studies or use with existing sample inserts . Materials processing customers have found this geometry very suitable for annealing samples in presence of magnetic field.

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Radial Access RTB Magnet System

  • Radial access magnets are made of NbTi / Nb3- Sn with wide angular access for accessing the transmitted or refl ected beams. These systems are available for fi elds up to 10T with active shielding. An extension of these are our popular CF MAxes TM systems. These use combination of two or more split coils to produce 2-axis or 3-axis geometries. An OptiMAxes TM uses 3 conduction cooled split coils to provide optical access in two planes. CF MAxes TM magnets have also been produced for our OEM’s who have integrated them with Cryogen free dilution refrigerators.

    • Radial access cryogen free magnet systems available up to 10T
    • RTB MAxes systems available in 2 or 3-axis geometries
    • Actively shielded magnet systems available for spectroscopy applications including Mossbauer studies
    • Custom designs available for x-ray & neutron diffraction
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