MicroSense LLC, USA

MicroSense is one of the most well-known Magnetic Measurement System manufacturers in the world and having over 3 decades of experience in making high quality VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer) systems. MicroSense systems are used by virtually all companies in the data storage industry and many of the leading magnetic research laboratories and universities around the world.

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American Magnetics Inc., USA

American Magnetics, Inc. (AMI), a veteran owned company in Oak Ridge, TN, has been a manufacturer of superconducting magnet systems and cryogenic equipment for over 45 years. Founded in 1968, AMI has become a world leader in supplying turn-key cryogen free and liquid helium based superconducting magnet systems with literally thousands of magnets in the field.

Their custom solutions range from completely conduction cooled multi-axis systems combined with an integrated variable temperature insert to large room temperature bore zero boil off helium recondensing systems (ReconTM). When their innovative superconducting magnets, such as our multi-axis (MAxesTM) series are coupled with cutting edge cryostats, the customer is buying a winning combination.

AMI is the chosen supplier for many large corporations that utilize superconducting magnets, magnet systems and cryogenic technology.

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