Low Vibration VFVT system with remote motor operation

  • VFVT system is one of the most desired cryogen free magnet system for use in material science and condensed matter physics laboratory. The system uses a single cryocooler (GiffordMcMahon or pulse tube) to cool the sample space and superconducting magnet, thereby eliminating need for liquid helium and associated expensive recovery systems. Custom designed configurations are available for exotic experimental needs.

    • Available in vertical fields up to 14T.
    • Available in horizontal fi elds up to 10T
    • 30 mm sample space with 2K to 325K operation using He exchange gas
    • Systems available with customer defi ned window material for spectroscopy studies
    • CF MAxes TM systems available with vector fi eld up to 5T
    • CF OptiMAxes TM systems available with vector fi elds up to 2T
    • Unique dual-axis confi guration available for positioning sample in vertical or horizontal fi eld confi guration
    • Turnkey system with software controlled VFVT environment
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